Monday, December 27, 2004

Gawd, I could kiss Thurwyn . . .

It's not an uber collection of bows, but I'm convinced that the money I save in salvage materials and outright cost to buy workmanship 4 & 5 bows is outweighed by the slight damage difference.

Mostly thanks to Thurwyn, here's my array. I sold my +166%, +12 melee AR bow for tons of sings, seeing as how I never used it.

Copying chat to bowcollection.txt. Run command again with no arguments to turn off.

BS/2: (Missile) Ivory Longbow, CS, 7 tinks, (6) craft, +154% +14m, DmgGrade1c: 100%,100%, Def V, BD V, SK VI, Minor Blood Thirst, Diff. 123, Bow 290+, Value 12,331, 636BU

---The old reliable when my mage hunting partner is imping everything. However, as of late, I use it less and less, what with rending and all.

BS/2: (Missile) Silver Yumi, FireR, 8 tinks, (6) craft, +158% +7m, DmgGrade1c: 90%,90%, BD VI, SK V, Minor Def, Diff. 128, Bow 290+, Value 7,238, 615BU

---This does me just fine on Tusker Island. I wish the melee were higher, but it does have that minor defender.

BS/2: (Missile) Silver Yumi, PiercR, 8 tinks, (6) craft, +158% +10m/+2.5mgcd, DmgGrade1c: 90%,90%, Def V, BD VI, SK VI, Strength Self V, Minor Invulnerability, Diff. 56, Bow 290+, Sho, Value 5,197, 575BU

---This is a surprisingly good ventilator of baddies. I guess in retrospect, I should have done slash rending on this one, since it has the magic D bonus, for use against Virindi.

BS/2: (Missile) Gold Nayin, ColdR, 8 tinks, (6) craft, +158% +10m/+1.5mgcd, DmgGrade1c: 90%,90%, BD VI, SK V, Quickness Self V, Diff. 113, Bow 290+, Value 3,326, 848BU

---I did this one on a lark. However, it turns out that it's really nice against Vapor Golems, and was indispensible when I just soloed the Mt. Lethe quest.

BS/2: Silver Yag, BludgR, 8 tinks, (6) craft, +150% +16m, DmgGrade1c: 80%,80%, Endurance Self V, BD VI, SK VI, Diff. 109, Bow 290+, Value 8,341, 347BU

---Yawn. First of all, there is nothing so ghey as running around in full covenant, standing up to a ton of Olthoi (or some plats/pyreal golems) while holding what appears to be a toy bow. Yags just suck all the testosterone outta ya. I tinked it up to 150% with hog, and then balked at Thurwyn's chance with tink #6. BUT, tinking it with brass for tinks 6, 7, and 8 have given this a nice little balance. Pretty good damage, and I evade very well (um, except when surrounded).

BS/2: (Standard salvage) Gold Nayin, LightR, 6 tinks, (8) craft, +130% +16m, DmgGrade1c: 55%,55%, Bow 290+, Value 15,209, 454BU

---I tinked this entirely with brass because the craft is so high. A nice result, however. I can stand up to Lugian Raider Juggernauts, with thier hollow EVERYTHINGS, long enough to make it look like a decent fight. Note that BS/2 thinks this weapon is "salvage," now because of my tinking choices! ;-)

BS/2: (Missile) Oak Yumi, SlashR, 7 tinks, (6) craft, +154% +10m, DmgGrade1c: 90%,90%, Bow 290+, Value 1,130, 601BU

---Papa's got a brand new bow. I bought this bow for 5 plats in the MP, presumably because of the new weapons coming out, and people's disgust with workmanship 6 bows. Big whoop. This isn't so bad.

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