Tuesday, December 14, 2004

More drama on the VN boards

I might as well use this thing as a soapbox, but I'm not shedding ONE tear over the ass-ramming Kiaya's taking on the VN boards.

On the other hand, I have NOT written a "review" (but I'm damn sure reading them, and they're cracking me up).

The reason that I haven't written one yet is this: One thing I've always done (with one exception around the time of Poolrad) is just sit back and WATCH the drama, for purely entertainment purposes. It allows one nice (and unexpected) side-effect: Later on, you can easily remember little points, kind of like remembering bits out of a tv show (a sleazy reality one). I like that. It's nice to be able to pull out minutae (like Shadrach's stint pretending he was a girl, Woodsman/Extreme coming to the boards, and then "re-coming" pretending to be a swordsman (I PM'd him, because I recognized his writing style, and a distinctive emoticon before we had faces).

Anyway: I am enjoying watching Kiaya get reamed out, because it sickens me that she has to start 20 posts a day just to announce every time she farts, etc. And a good half of her posts could/should be PMs, but she's too in with the mods to receive warnings for that.

Keep those reviews coming, they're cracking me up (the Laurianna one nearly made me fall out of my chair laughing)! She pulled the link out of her sig, but it's around the PublishAmerica site somewhere (you sleuth that one out, I won't provide a link, again as part of a neutrality issue). But have fun!

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