Monday, December 27, 2004

Mt. Lethe quest

I had planned on making gobs of XP in the Tusker Holding, but went there and promptly missed the jump down to the bridge (by "missed," I mean that I jumped down normally, and landed on approximately 357 Rampagers, who then happily crowd surfed me to the edge of the bridge and threw me off).

Humph. So, I couldn't get out, and just recalled home. Then I noticed in my inventory that I still had the Mt. Lethe directions, giving the coords of the magma tubes dungeon, about 15 clicks from Ayan. I figured, "Hey! I'm completely buffed to fight things with fire, why not go somewhere that requires cold-based weapons and make myself COMPLETELY useless!?"

Sigh. Time out to mule briefly (I had stripped down equipment to make more room for my tusker hunt), and off I go to Ayan. The run to the Magma place wasn't so bad. I dove into the dungeon.

Luckily, I had a recent cold-rending bow, and went at it with the baddies. It's a pretty linear dungeon, and so soloing wasn't too hard. By the way, this is a COOL dungeon (haw, get it?).

Until the end.

At the end, there's this "Virindi Overseer," who you fight after killing everyone else. Now then:

Cold rending bow: 5 points (seriously, I think that was a critical hit).
Pierce rending bow: 9 points.

I was taking so long to kill this Virindi that:

1. I swore that if he leveled while fighting me, I'd just type @die.
2. The monsters behind me started to respawn.

So, I literally looked past the Overseer, and saw the pool of Mt. Lethe water. "What the hell?" I thought. So I gemmed away his debuffs, ran to the pool, got the water, and took off for home.

Showed HIM, boy.

P.S. Lots of lockpicking needed in that dungeon. I was VERY close to selling back pick. Goes to show you that having it can come in handy if you just feel like doing a formerly open quest you'd never gotten around to finishing.

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