Saturday, February 26, 2005

Glad I still have lockpick.

So I'm in a good mood, having just recently beaten the Callous Heart quest (solo!), and am out by Ayan killing time, thinking of something to do.

I spotted a runed chest, so I killed the bandies (and profane) guarding it.

What happened next is only again Exhibit #697 of why I'm such a gimp.

I pick the lock (thank you Oswald's whatever), and then proudly double click on it.

Nothing happens (important note: I'm on my crappy laptop (not the good one)).

I stand there, and then hit the "R" (use) key.

The Runed Chest's top opens and shuts like one of those old McDonald's styrofoam burger containers.
Yup -- that was lag. The chest was open, and I didn't see it.

So, I examine it, and the chest is listed as "unlocked." Great! Let's open it one more time.

You have solved this quest too recently!
You may solve this quest again in 23h 58m 45s.

Tai Fung says, " . . . "
You cry.

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