Tuesday, February 22, 2005

My first attempt at withereds . . .

I found myself online this morning, after the servers were restarted (post-dentist appointment), and was watching some folks discuss the Withered Dungeon, and their location.

Apparently, it's near Candeth Keep. Hmm. *I'm* LS'd at Candeth.
But . . . it's 100+ to enter. Yack.
BUT . . . there are mobs outside along a beach area.

An alliance-mate gave the coords, and I recalled quickly. I ran there, and positioned myself. I saw Bandies, Drudges, and Tummies (withered) outside the dungeon entrance. Humph. Ok. Let's pick a bandie.

IMPORTANT POINT: I have a lightning rending weapon, but it suxors. It's +130%, with all its tinks going to brass.

So I used cold.

Bandering (whatever) evaded your attack.
Bandering (whatever) evaded your attack.
Bandering (whatever) evaded your attack.
Bandering (whatever) evaded your attack.
Bandering (whatever) evaded your attack.


Notice that he didn't run TO me, though.

So, I picked a drudge (and yes, used cold).

After about 5 Gems of Stillness to debuff those frigging Ataxia and Astyrrian's Gift spells, I kill him.

Woo hoo!

Then I decide to try to use fire against another drudge. And did like double damage.


Anyway, I'm beating down this one, but just was VERY sloppy this time (basically watching TV back and forth with the screen).

Oops. Hiya Candeth, miss me?

Off to get the body. I loot, kill a platinum golem (goodbye 5% vitae), and log.

I can see how that area might be fun. Might go back soon.

Oh, and I'd know how many XPs I got, if I had infinity on. I was wondering why it didn't show that. Then I realized. Instead of starting bandit sight and infinity, I'd started AC Trade.

I r teh gimpy. :-(

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