Friday, February 18, 2005

My first "Tusker Holding d00d!"

So I ran through some Tusker dungeons last night to collect tusks (mostly for the AL gems, but I'll never turn my nose up at a Rampager tusk either). I didn't finish, so I logged off on Marae Lassel. When I logged on, I hit the Holding for my last tusk.

I saw a few people in the Holding, but ran past them all to get to the Tusk room, which was empty of people. So, I cleared it, grabbed a tusk, and looked around.

Hmm. Less than 100 arrows. Might as well sit here for a bit and kill stuff. The XP per hour was horrible (might have been better if I'd been in whatever fellow was running, but who knows?).

So this guy, "Zabatar" comes into the tusk room and says, "Your not joining the fello?" I told him, "I was here for a tusk." He says "Ya right," as I am typing out, "But I figured I'd stay here and see what the XP was like." At this point (I think) he's taken off down a hallway.

Hrm. *shrug*

I kill another cycle in the tusk room, and by the time the third hits, I am in one of the side tunnels, looting some salvage. Zabatar shows up again, and says, "Nice to block the door."

Huh? What door? In fact, I actually SAID that: "What door?"

He then says, "Like you don't know I'm running a cycle here." And runs off.

Um. What cycle?

I have "auto accept fellow requests" set to on, and never decline when invited.

So seriously -- what's the ettiquite in the Holding?

I'm happy to join fellowships, but if you're not planning on being there long, is it required?

Or is it easier to just grab a tusk every three weeks and not stay there, since there's better XP elsewhere? ;) :p

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