Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Narrowing down choices now

But I still have to think this out -- I'm not sure if Kitra and her 4 other mules will join up, and I just don't know what Virgil will do. But this has to be for and about me. I'm enough of an "un-person" after the last debacle. So sad when RL invades my time on Dereth.

I posted a "hidey-ho" to Kaos's website. Not where I've looked previously, but I think that Chunglee's clan, while apparenly great, has too many personalities that will rub me the wrong way, causing me to (essentially) continue to be a solo player. AS1 is a very tough decision, but I'm getting some outside pressure on that, so I need to back off. What really did it in Kaos vs. AS1, however, was the fact that Kaos's website is more up-to-date, and appears to have more quests regularly run. I have no doubt that both alliances are good ones, though.

Juzam's website won't come up for me, so that's out.

Dselestial seems VERY fun, but their clan appears to be a bit too small -- I did that for 5 years, and it was rough going.

I'm actually interested in Baelfire's potential clan of old-school roleplayers as well, but that's more of a theory of a clan than an actual one right now.

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