Tuesday, February 15, 2005

OMG, what a night.

So last night, for the first time in 5+ years, I joined a new alliance. The last one was practically nonexistant. This one appears very active, mature, and easygoing. I joined "The Order of Kaos."


I chose them for the reasons alluded to in my earlier blogs, although it wasn't easy.

Random points:

1. Within minutes (seconds?) of swearing, I was killed. In fact, I was so distracted by the allegiance chat (in my prior alliance, you never saw it go by, since not enough people were ever online), that I died - count em -- FOUR times. I haven't died that many times, in such a short span, in possibly years. I mean, I had two bodies on top of each other at one point.

2. I have to get used to a lot: There's the "@f" chat, because in fellows I normally keep quiet and pay attention to what I'm doing. There's the "@a" chat, there's "@p" to talk to Lorna II, my new Patron, and there's "@c" which apparently lets me talk to Lorna as well as my "co-vassals."

3. In many ways, I probably enjoyed my time "unsworn" most of all, but I realize that (a) without an alliance, I really won't be able to do many quests, and (b) I am naturally averse to change, so all these unfamiliar names and people I don't know will no doubt become more familiar soon. I'm sure I'll be comfortable.

4. Last night was also the first night I brought out my "New & Improved Creature/Life Suit" (tm), which features full Creature buffs (sans willpower, but who cares for a tank archer), and full Life (um, except I had no pants on, and still have to get some Bludgeon VI protects).

5. I thought with this suit it would be pretty interesting. It was, insofar as I just SUCKED in the 80+ hive. But when I'm at full buffs from a bot, I kick butt. What gives? I don't know if I was distracted by the chat or what, but it was a train wreck. It's possible that when I'm there, I normally wear my raiment, and fully buff it -- but the mutilators would go right through that, presumably, yes?

Sigh. Weird times ahead, but I know I'm so averse to change that ANY alliance I joined would feel bad, with the exception of the RL one I was part of for those 5 years, but now they don't want me. I'm sure I'll be right up and running soon in this one.

Time will tell!

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