Friday, March 11, 2005

Can't wait to hit 100 . . .

. . . so I can go to the Withered Lugian dungeon and NOT join a fellow. :D (I might well join if I'm in the mood, actually)

On the VN boards, Zarnon wrote:

>>>I mainly hunt solo because I dont like to deal with crap like "we >>>are 10% off of max in this fellow,
>>>step it up!!" or you have to make buttloads of exp in a very short time" spammed every few
>>>minutes or after every kill.

Yup. Sums it up perfectly. XP wh0r3s are pathetic.

Agnari/Panda's point is that (I think) these dungeons were created to allow people to powerlevel. So if you go in there and DON'T facilitate powerleveling, you're a griefer.

What's funny is this -- Turbine SPECIFICALLY stated that the Withereds were created with sans-life-magic characters in mind, so they wouldn't need to imperil. Who's in the Withered Lugian dungeon? Does Agnari/Panda have Life Magic trained/spec'd?

So who's the real griefer?

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