Monday, March 07, 2005

First Gaerlan quest

That was tons o' fun. Not sure why some folks might get bored of it. Who wouldn't want an Iasparailun (sp.) every week? Bots in the MP pay 50 plats for it, or just go get the free XP. :)

It was nice to do that quest as the only archer, and having some use (for once). Kinda cool to kill the door. Gaerlan of course pwned me a few times on some serious fire hits (next time I'll flame bane, didn't know to do that). It felt nice once I knew that he could do that kinda damage to be ready for it, and use my healing kits to get my health back up.

>>>War Kaos casts Adja's Gift and restores 0 points of your health.<<<

Ha. Pwned. Too fast for ye, old man. :D

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