Monday, March 14, 2005

The good, the bad, and the ugly of the weekend

The good: Kaos led the weekly Bobo trip, and it was flawless. My first one, and I got the Aphus recall spell. Woot! Also, my patron gave me a fanastic "bow of the fallen," (which I'd planned on buying in the MP anyway), so that covers my "slash" attack bow (although it's not a rend, it is a CB bow).

The bad: At Gaerlan, didn't realize that a co-vassal had imperiled and vuln'ed Gaerlan (well, I did, but I forgot). So there I am using my slash rending bow in its swan song, and . . .

The ugly: Wasn't ready for Gaerlan to take such an interest in me, and he wailed for like 3-4 straight critical hits. I didn't drink an elixir in time, and died. Managed to get back to get my iasparalian et al. at least. Ended up feeling like crap over that. I thought I was doing so well with him, and it managed to cast a pall over my view of how the quest went. :-(

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