Monday, March 21, 2005

The good, bad, and ugly of the weekend


Let's do 2 good/bad/uglys for this weekend:

The good.

So I've finally completed my set of 335-req. rending bows. I have all 7 now, and was able to buy a slash rending bow at a steal of a price. Of course, the bow of the fallen I had was cool, but tended to be a little haphazard in damage variance. Now I can at least expect some decent damage on mobs with me alone, as they are going to be hit with rending attacks, no matter what they are vulnerable against.

The bad.

EACH one of the bows is at LEAST work 6 (3 are work 7, and I just got rid of a work 8). I have their damages all at +6, with some 7s, and possibly 1 +8. It's a tradeoff I have to do to be able to afford bows. I won't use a +5 bow at all, no matter what the work is, though. It's too easy to buy damages above that.

The ugly.

My tinkerer just CANNOT land an imbue to save her ass. I know the whole thing about 33% chances not "remembering" that they've failed a lot, but this is just silly. I don't know why I even keep trying with her, other than the expectation that she's due.

Weekend related.

The good:
1. The weekend has ended with me having all 7 damage types in 335 rending bows. That's good.

2.Got my Singularity Caul recall scroll, courtesy of the Kaos clan's quest on Saturday. That's good, too. The quest took longer than I'd expected, but it was fun to do. I felt pretty useless against the baddies, but what else is new there?

The bad:
Basically blew WAY too much time in the "super-secret-place-for-salvage" that my Patron told me about, collecting bubkiss for salvage. Refused bags of jet and red garnet from an alliance mate because I don't feel like I can accept something so valueable when I'm giving so little in return. Basically could have hit 100th level with even an hour in the Matron hive, but kept looking for salvage. Feh.

The ugly:
Tried using Tank for the first time in the "S-S-P-F-S", and discovered that Tank won't fletch new arrows for me. Other people report the same problem on the Tank website. *shrug* Serves me right for using tank. I was not UCMing, as I was right there at the keyboard, but just looking for a way to cut the monotony. So much for that. In fact, I nearly died because I was too busy letting Tank think for me.

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