Sunday, March 13, 2005

Huge gamble just now

I spent WAY WAY WAY too fricking much paying one of the al'Thor's bots for salvaged jet (bought 3 flipping bags over time, and 1 bag of red garnet).

Jet attempt -- fail.
Jet attempt -- fail.
Red Garn attempt -- lands (but it's not the best bow ever, just my luck).
Jet attempt -- lands (after scraping together my last bit o' wealth to pay for the bow and the imbue salvage).

So now, I have 335 bows in:

Piercing rend
Fire rend
Blud rend
Acid rend
Light rend
Cold rend

I won't be buying/making a CS/AR bow, as I'm finding rending bows too effective. If I'm with a mage, Imperil will do just fine. I'm left with some 290 bows to (I suppose) but on a bot for sale, but I'd almost rather keep them, as I can't bear to part with them just yet.

I spent pretty much all my wealth tonight. The remaining MMDs I have are committed to about 15 bags of hog (which won't be enough to spread over 6 bows). I need some luck in hunting, and need to pull some majors.

I'm such a screwed up person. Here I've worked hard to put together an array of 335 rending bows to replace my 290 ones, and now I'm ticked that none of the are +8 damage. Some are 6s and some are 7s. No 8s. So I'm still dissatisfied. :-(

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