Thursday, March 17, 2005

So THAT's how those bots have all that jet . . .

. . . it's all on Rampagers. Thus, the Tusker Holding is camped to hell.

So, I went back to the Holding (what the hell was I thinking?). I noticed that Zabatar was in there (he's squelched, so who cares), but I was recruited pretty quickly, and was happy to join. I started moving through the tunnels, but someone said the "V corner" was open.

V corner? Heh, it's a good thing I have Dark Marcsun's "map" o' the holding, with the places labeled.

Oh --- THAT's the "V corner." Humph. Ok, fine. So, there I am, and I'm watching the fellow's XP move up and down in the 10-11 million/hr hour range. No big deal. Then, I see it: red garnet, jet, red garnet, jet.


Uh-oh, buffs running out. Better hit BD7/Def7 on my bow.

Now then. Here's the thing: My BD7 spell isn't something I cast a lot (I have to be buffed pretty heavily to cast it). Just next to it is another spell: Mt. Lethe Recall.


>>>You have been teleported.<<<


So, I left the fellow, and recalled back to Aphus. But where to go?

THIS is why I have an awesome patron. Gave me a great tip on where to hunt (no, you can't know where it is). Didn't get a lot of salvage (and only half the XP), but I know that if I was there a long time, I would have.

Why didn't I?

I forgot to check how many arrowshafts I brought with me. No more bundles.


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