Friday, March 25, 2005

You are now level 100!

Woot! Never thought I'd ever see it. First logged in (as Ken Po) on 31 December 1999, and didn't restart as Tai until early 2001. I doubt I'll hit 126 by the time of the expansion, but it's nice to at least hit triple digits.

Time for me to go to the Tusker Lacuna and screw up all that phat XP/hour thing. ;-)

Actually, I wouldn't go there -- too d00dish with XP whores. On the other hand, I *would* like to try the withereds, now that I have a decent array of weapons for them. :-)

The times, they are a-changin.

Edit: I might well go to Lacuna if enough of my clanmates are there. I know that they'd start up a new fellowship if the "leader" felt like the XP wasn't up to max. Hell, if I wasn't "allowed" in, I'd STILL stay, because I have every right to be in that dungeon, as any other one. Time to let the punks who think they own dungeons see what it's like when someone's actions screw up THEIR in-game experience.

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