Saturday, April 30, 2005


That was fun.

A while back, some alliancemates went off to go get their tusks, and I worked up the sheer "non-Tai-ness" to ask about coming along: I don't ask for help, but I knew that I couldn't do anything past the Rampagers when it came to tusks.

So, I tagged along, and did some tusks I'd never (ordinarily) get to do, namely Plated and Assailers. My head was spinning from (a) trying to keep up, and (b) trying not to end up as Monkey Chow.

I just did tusks, solo, from Guards on up through Assailers, and it was SUCH a rush. It's child's play to so many people, but to me, it was just FAN-TAS-TIC. It was exciting, challenging, and the result of good planning. It didn't hurt to have the other computer up, with ACMaps' guide displaying how to get where I need to get. It was great -- I was so close to the walls, I looked like those painted Egyptian drawings, with some differences:

1. I wasn't wearing black eye shadow.
2. I wasn't holding up a cat, and sacrificing it to the Sun God Ra.
3. The Egyptians typically painted themselves kicking ass (or sacrificing cats), whereas I mostly was trying to just squeeze past Assailers as I hugged the right wall of that whole effing dungeon.

>>>Edward G. Robinson tells you, "So Moses, where's your God nowwwww? Me-yeahhh, see?"

Afterwards, I was in such a charged up mood, it was kismet that Quest Timer woke up and told me that the "Library Book" quest had just timed up for me -- now THAT is a fun dungeon -- you basically run like hell through it, grabbing books off the floor.

And just like that, I'm halfway to 106.

Yeesh. This is all new territory. Cool territory, but new.

Friday, April 29, 2005



I'm deciding that I hate powerleveling, but over the past three days, I've logged in, hit either the matron hive or the withered beach, and just tried to earn 10 million XP. I've done it in each case in less than one hour (woot!), and then logged. I was finding 104 kinda hard for some reason, so I was happy to just push through it. But doing so kinda took some of the fun away. Anyway, no worries -- my timers for the tusks and pincers should be up this weekend, so those should be a nice kick in the pants.

Assuming I can get someone to show me how to get my Assailer and Devastator tusks. :-P :-D

One lousy bracelet.

For a while there, I couldn't NOT fall over multi-spell creature/life jewelry.

Now all I need is a lightning/piercing bracelet, and I'm screwzored. I've tried bots, mobs, hell even the Candeth Keep jewelry seller. No luck. LOL. Ah well.

I do have a lightning/piercing necklace, but I want to wear that Nuhmidira thing.

Pfft. It'll happen.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

You know what sucks?

Being an "un-person" to people you thought were RL friends.

That's all. Not very funny, but so very true.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Well THAT karma kicked in quick!


So, I'm bummed about the lugians, and decide to go try out a new bludgeoning bow on some bugs. It's working well (which is nice), but within minutes of showing up, an Olthoi Mutilator drops platemail tassets.

Hmm. I need tassets.

Wait. These have minor bow (my crappy ones have Major Bow, but still).

Hmm, maybe if I just dye them black to match my armor.

Wait. These are natural black in color.

Loot god tells you, "Just this once, gimp."

So, after I tink them up with Marble (yes, some marble) and steel, they are seriously resistant to bludgeoning (I love modifiying percentages on armor rather than far-more-expensive steel the whole way, particularly when fighting hollow mobs).

I'm sure I'll find some covenant tassets eventually, but for the time being, this was a good development.


Withereds were rough on me tonight. I guess I needed some reminding that I seriously suck!

Must have died 3 times there tonight. What's funny is that even alone in the bunker, I can make 15 million/hour. That can't be anything to sneeze at, but still I seriously took my lumps. I was going to stick around until 104th level, but got too pissed at myself for being tired and making stupid mistakes.

The culprit's definitely my AL 134 chain tassets. But they're Major Bow, and nearly every other piece of armor either has a major on it. Guess those deaths are the side-effect. :-(


I'll hit 104 before Sunday's done. I'll probably hit the lifestone a few more times, too.

I can't help it . . .

. . . but I'll get banned if I post in on VN.

Lokkie mentioned that he'd gone "to the dark side," prompting Asper to worry that Lokkie "switched teams."

We don't need Lokkie to switch teams. Straight Lokkie apparently got more ass than a toilet seat. Granted, so does Gay Lokkie, but it's not taking away from prospective asses "our team" is interested in. :p

There. I feel better now. :P

P.S. Yes, technically Gay Lokkie gets more ass Straight Lokkie, but that's (IMHO) from a literal sense. :D

"Streaky" hits with withereds

Is it just me, or do lots of people (well, archers) go through streaks where they hit about X times in a row, and then MISS almost the same number of times?


Monday, April 18, 2005

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Amendment to the withereds

So it turns out that my mage friend (356 base war) is actually able to hit these withered drudges and tumeroks pretty well. Not as well on the bandies.

When we BOTH went on the offensive, and "ping-ponged" the drudges, we did much better. I'd shoot one a few times, he'd turn and run to me (taking more hits). She'd zap him, so he'd turn away from me (letting me shoot him in the back), and run to her.

Lather, rinse, Level. :-D

Not too bad. Like 8 million an hour, with lots of looting, which is insanely good for her (she's a very solitary and infrequent player), and not bad for me (hey, I'm modest, I don't always need it hay-uge in XP terms).

Not bad!

For the record . . .

. . . I'm not sayin' a word. :-D


@e shines his halo . . . :-)

@e repeats to himself, "A promise is a promise." Hi Thistle! :-D

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Interesting experiment tonight

So I took my mage friend out to the withered area (no, not to leech, you XP whores), and had her set up behind me off from the lugians. Near some Drudges, Tumeroks, and Banderlings, in fact.

The idea was for her to cast extinguish spells on me (as well as heal), while I fought the usually-avoided spellcasting mobs.

Seems like a decent enough idea, especially since she's such a solitary player that she wouldn't ordinarily get to go out there.

Not so good results, although we lagged out and lost the connection.

Here's the thing -- those extinguish spells take a LOT of mana. Like 280 without Mana Conversion. She figured it was costing about 200 per spell. So we had to let them debuff me to a huge degree before pulling the trigger on casting the spell. Oh, and since she's not killing, the XP is basically halved (although I'm just not enough of a whore to care).

Humph. Another good idea down the drain. :-(

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Oh, so THERE'S the portal . . .

I've gone to the withered lugian beaches a couple of times now. The first time I joined a fellow, and then hit the bunker, figuring that I could pitch into the fellow that way, only to find out that the (nearly) hour I killed there did not share XP with the fellow.


The next time, I learned my lesson, was (without asking) put into a line for a beach fellow (no biggie, but bemusing), and eventually joined in. I was there for quite some time, and did fine for XP. But I wondered -- where the heck is the entrance to the withered lugian dungeon?

I just went there again last night, and dove into the bunker (white dots everywhere, no sense in waiting - I can make 11/hr alone, so that's worth the lack of drama). Eventually, I kind of wound around staircases here and there, and finally found the portal.


>>>Death says, "I *triple* dog dare you!<<<


Dive in. It started out as a small fellow (4 of us), but was set to open recruiting, and in no time flat we were almost full. Chunglee even showed up, and couldn't have been nicer, although we were all out of sight of each other. It was interesting reading the chat log, as people discussed their templates.

I just tried to stay alive.

Recently, I decided to triple-spec my defenses, and so now have spec'd melee and missle D. Missle is like at 351 buffed, and I definitely noticed a drop in damage from the lugian rocks.

Except to my thighs. Oh, my thighs.

I have major bow chain tassets. Major Bow r teh good.

Base AL of 167 is not. :-( They're work 9. They've BEEN tinked with steel at least once, but I think tinked racially and perhaps two other tinks.

>>>Withered Lugian Prefect smashes your upper leg for 60 points of bludgeoning damage!<<<


And no matter what last night, it seemed like EVERY lugian that spawned suddenly noticed that my high-base AL armor was all fine, except for the tassets.

They are dyed black, but you'd think they were colored in red and white circles (think Target).

>>>Withered Lugian Prefect tells you, "Dude, reroll."

Double Ow.


Monday, April 11, 2005

Wow -- I've got a stalker!

Edit: Updated and cleaned up for readability. :-D

My hotmail flagged it as "junk" mail since he's not in my "contacts" list, but I just noticed -- Gibbon_Raver on the TD boards sent me a personal e-mail attacking me, and generally going nuts. He's still smarting over being exposed as a coward and an eBlowhard, and I've definitely gotten into his combed-over head. (Seriously, I've seen guys wearing end pillows on their heads that were more realistic).

Anyway, this is about a flame fest we had last week, when he publicly speculated that I must have been in cahoots with Asper_TD on some auction (and managed to plan it out 46 hours in advance). I think I know what stung him. I challenged him to let a Mod log into my VN account, and see if I had indeed hatched this l33t plan. If he was right, I'd accept a permaban. If he was wrong, I wanted him to take the challenge. He backed out, and got seriously flamed by all parties in the thread. The fact was, he shot his mouth off, acted tough, and got called on it. Then he ran. Of course, I pointed that out. Repeatedly. :-D

So now he's taken it to commercial e-mail? Laff.

This guy's pathetic, but I have to say, he's genuinely sad. His RL pic is disgusting, he's like Triumph the Insult dog said in that infamous "Star Wars" video, he "looks like some kind of uber-geek, built from the parts of lesser nerds." He's a 50something lamer, fat and balding (I'm so not convinced by the rug). Now with his panties in a wad because he was made to look like a fool (from multiple people) on the intardnet.

I wonder if Yahoo encourages people to use their accounts to send harrassing e-mail?

Update: I just checked -- I guess I made the mistake of responding to his e-mail, pointing out to him that it was flagged as junk, so I was sorry for the delay. But I then told him where he could stick his continued pathetic self. So now I've got MORE e-mail from him, as well as multiple PMs on the Vault. Joy.

LOL, and he's saying *I'm* the one with RL issues. ;-)

What's this all mean --- I got myself a stalker! (Um, a stalker who's admitted that he once picked up a transvestite off of a highway, rofl).

He was reported to Yahoo for sending repeated harrasing e-mails, and was pointed out to VN for the repeated PMs. So what's this guy do now?

Posts on my Clan boards. :-P

Yup, but he's COMPLETELY well-adjusted. *eyeroll*

I'm not sure what he's trying to prove, because honestly, if we ever met up, I'd gladly beat the living shit out of him. He's either pathetic enough to have no self-awareness, or is just a VERY old tard. At least he's old enough that this can't be a mid-life crisis -- based on actuarial tables, he doesn't have that much longer left to live anyway. :-D

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Gotta love tweaks to a major suit

The full life/creature outfit is done, but I just won an auction for some noble gaunts, and have the quickness gem all ready for them.

That means I have majors or moderates in:

Willpower (well, this is a minor, lol)

I'm missing some kind of Invuln cantrip, but they are WAY out of my price range. Opal gauntlets won't fly (too low in AL, and I've got my major quickness noble gaunts).

But still -- woot! :D

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The whole CapFan thing.

I think people have missed something about his "return post," but to post it on the VN boards would constitute running afoul of their TOS. :-( (Since it involves personal attacks).

Here goes:

I wish CapFan all the best, but rooted (in two different places) in his post is this implication: If you disagree with him, or are ticked over how he left, well then you're just an "addict" like him.

I wasn't in his monarchy, so I could not care LESS that he quit, although I always sympathized with the people he screwed in combatting his addiction.

What I am able to do is see that people's feelings were hurt because he disrupted their in-game experience. I sympathize with their feelings, and regret they had to log in to see that things were turned upside down.

Does it mean they have an addiction because they were ticked over having their game's experience harmed? Nope. That means that someone's still weak enough to think that this game, which holds such a grip on him, holds it on everyone else.

CapFan was weak, as all addicts are. Fine. 'Grats to him on recognizing it, and doing something about it. But he shouldn't assume people who disagree with him must also be "addicted."

I realize that at one place in his post he wrote that people who experienced "genuine anger" must have an addiction, but I'm not many (if any?) here posted that they did. Where on this thread have people "spewed hate" at him?

At best, people vented frustration that someone who made such an exit so as to affect others' in-game experience, citing an "addiction," would then turn to a similiar stimulus. That's not hate, that's not anger. That's pointing out inconsistencies.

I wish for nothing for the best for CapFan, but suggesting that people who don't think like him must also be addicted like him is just protecting his weakness onto others.

Just imagine this: Suppose a Turbine employee was an alcoholic, and then quits drinking. One day, he has the shakes, and flips a switch, wiping out 20% of the servers. People are pissed. He says, "Hey! They're just pixels! I have a RL issue that I'm dealing with, and RL > AC. If you don't think so too, then you're an addict!"

Don't get it. Whatever.

Good luck, dude. But stop playing WoW. You're just heading down another road, using another kind of drug. But it's still a form of addiction.

Sorry for the hate. Guess this is the only place left to spew it (besides, I suppose, the Lair). :-(

Sunday, April 03, 2005

What a way to come back!

For once, a few good things happened tonight, with no downsides.

1. Logged back in Saturday night, after feeling bad for two (count em!) weeks.
1a. Yes, I realize the initial pain wasn't enough to keep me out of AC, but I really wanted Sing Caul recall. :-|

2. Was immediately given Noble Longbow by my fantastico patron (I really dig her, and it's hysterical that we just kind of joined up so casually).

3. Got some really nice DIs tinkered up courtesy of some cheap gold I bought.

4. SOLOED (seriously) the 80+ hive to the Matron, killed her ugly ass, and then threw the raiment on the ground (bah, another endurance one).

So, basically, I'm due for a huge death spiral/blowup right about the next time I log in. ;-) :-P

But, it's still really nice to be back. :-)