Sunday, April 17, 2005

Amendment to the withereds

So it turns out that my mage friend (356 base war) is actually able to hit these withered drudges and tumeroks pretty well. Not as well on the bandies.

When we BOTH went on the offensive, and "ping-ponged" the drudges, we did much better. I'd shoot one a few times, he'd turn and run to me (taking more hits). She'd zap him, so he'd turn away from me (letting me shoot him in the back), and run to her.

Lather, rinse, Level. :-D

Not too bad. Like 8 million an hour, with lots of looting, which is insanely good for her (she's a very solitary and infrequent player), and not bad for me (hey, I'm modest, I don't always need it hay-uge in XP terms).

Not bad!

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