Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Oh, so THERE'S the portal . . .

I've gone to the withered lugian beaches a couple of times now. The first time I joined a fellow, and then hit the bunker, figuring that I could pitch into the fellow that way, only to find out that the (nearly) hour I killed there did not share XP with the fellow.


The next time, I learned my lesson, was (without asking) put into a line for a beach fellow (no biggie, but bemusing), and eventually joined in. I was there for quite some time, and did fine for XP. But I wondered -- where the heck is the entrance to the withered lugian dungeon?

I just went there again last night, and dove into the bunker (white dots everywhere, no sense in waiting - I can make 11/hr alone, so that's worth the lack of drama). Eventually, I kind of wound around staircases here and there, and finally found the portal.


>>>Death says, "I *triple* dog dare you!<<<


Dive in. It started out as a small fellow (4 of us), but was set to open recruiting, and in no time flat we were almost full. Chunglee even showed up, and couldn't have been nicer, although we were all out of sight of each other. It was interesting reading the chat log, as people discussed their templates.

I just tried to stay alive.

Recently, I decided to triple-spec my defenses, and so now have spec'd melee and missle D. Missle is like at 351 buffed, and I definitely noticed a drop in damage from the lugian rocks.

Except to my thighs. Oh, my thighs.

I have major bow chain tassets. Major Bow r teh good.

Base AL of 167 is not. :-( They're work 9. They've BEEN tinked with steel at least once, but I think tinked racially and perhaps two other tinks.

>>>Withered Lugian Prefect smashes your upper leg for 60 points of bludgeoning damage!<<<


And no matter what last night, it seemed like EVERY lugian that spawned suddenly noticed that my high-base AL armor was all fine, except for the tassets.

They are dyed black, but you'd think they were colored in red and white circles (think Target).

>>>Withered Lugian Prefect tells you, "Dude, reroll."

Double Ow.


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