Sunday, April 24, 2005

Well THAT karma kicked in quick!


So, I'm bummed about the lugians, and decide to go try out a new bludgeoning bow on some bugs. It's working well (which is nice), but within minutes of showing up, an Olthoi Mutilator drops platemail tassets.

Hmm. I need tassets.

Wait. These have minor bow (my crappy ones have Major Bow, but still).

Hmm, maybe if I just dye them black to match my armor.

Wait. These are natural black in color.

Loot god tells you, "Just this once, gimp."

So, after I tink them up with Marble (yes, some marble) and steel, they are seriously resistant to bludgeoning (I love modifiying percentages on armor rather than far-more-expensive steel the whole way, particularly when fighting hollow mobs).

I'm sure I'll find some covenant tassets eventually, but for the time being, this was a good development.

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