Sunday, April 03, 2005

What a way to come back!

For once, a few good things happened tonight, with no downsides.

1. Logged back in Saturday night, after feeling bad for two (count em!) weeks.
1a. Yes, I realize the initial pain wasn't enough to keep me out of AC, but I really wanted Sing Caul recall. :-|

2. Was immediately given Noble Longbow by my fantastico patron (I really dig her, and it's hysterical that we just kind of joined up so casually).

3. Got some really nice DIs tinkered up courtesy of some cheap gold I bought.

4. SOLOED (seriously) the 80+ hive to the Matron, killed her ugly ass, and then threw the raiment on the ground (bah, another endurance one).

So, basically, I'm due for a huge death spiral/blowup right about the next time I log in. ;-) :-P

But, it's still really nice to be back. :-)

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