Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The whole CapFan thing.

I think people have missed something about his "return post," but to post it on the VN boards would constitute running afoul of their TOS. :-( (Since it involves personal attacks).

Here goes:

I wish CapFan all the best, but rooted (in two different places) in his post is this implication: If you disagree with him, or are ticked over how he left, well then you're just an "addict" like him.

I wasn't in his monarchy, so I could not care LESS that he quit, although I always sympathized with the people he screwed in combatting his addiction.

What I am able to do is see that people's feelings were hurt because he disrupted their in-game experience. I sympathize with their feelings, and regret they had to log in to see that things were turned upside down.

Does it mean they have an addiction because they were ticked over having their game's experience harmed? Nope. That means that someone's still weak enough to think that this game, which holds such a grip on him, holds it on everyone else.

CapFan was weak, as all addicts are. Fine. 'Grats to him on recognizing it, and doing something about it. But he shouldn't assume people who disagree with him must also be "addicted."

I realize that at one place in his post he wrote that people who experienced "genuine anger" must have an addiction, but I'm not many (if any?) here posted that they did. Where on this thread have people "spewed hate" at him?

At best, people vented frustration that someone who made such an exit so as to affect others' in-game experience, citing an "addiction," would then turn to a similiar stimulus. That's not hate, that's not anger. That's pointing out inconsistencies.

I wish for nothing for the best for CapFan, but suggesting that people who don't think like him must also be addicted like him is just protecting his weakness onto others.

Just imagine this: Suppose a Turbine employee was an alcoholic, and then quits drinking. One day, he has the shakes, and flips a switch, wiping out 20% of the servers. People are pissed. He says, "Hey! They're just pixels! I have a RL issue that I'm dealing with, and RL > AC. If you don't think so too, then you're an addict!"

Don't get it. Whatever.

Good luck, dude. But stop playing WoW. You're just heading down another road, using another kind of drug. But it's still a form of addiction.

Sorry for the hate. Guess this is the only place left to spew it (besides, I suppose, the Lair). :-(

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