Monday, April 11, 2005

Wow -- I've got a stalker!

Edit: Updated and cleaned up for readability. :-D

My hotmail flagged it as "junk" mail since he's not in my "contacts" list, but I just noticed -- Gibbon_Raver on the TD boards sent me a personal e-mail attacking me, and generally going nuts. He's still smarting over being exposed as a coward and an eBlowhard, and I've definitely gotten into his combed-over head. (Seriously, I've seen guys wearing end pillows on their heads that were more realistic).

Anyway, this is about a flame fest we had last week, when he publicly speculated that I must have been in cahoots with Asper_TD on some auction (and managed to plan it out 46 hours in advance). I think I know what stung him. I challenged him to let a Mod log into my VN account, and see if I had indeed hatched this l33t plan. If he was right, I'd accept a permaban. If he was wrong, I wanted him to take the challenge. He backed out, and got seriously flamed by all parties in the thread. The fact was, he shot his mouth off, acted tough, and got called on it. Then he ran. Of course, I pointed that out. Repeatedly. :-D

So now he's taken it to commercial e-mail? Laff.

This guy's pathetic, but I have to say, he's genuinely sad. His RL pic is disgusting, he's like Triumph the Insult dog said in that infamous "Star Wars" video, he "looks like some kind of uber-geek, built from the parts of lesser nerds." He's a 50something lamer, fat and balding (I'm so not convinced by the rug). Now with his panties in a wad because he was made to look like a fool (from multiple people) on the intardnet.

I wonder if Yahoo encourages people to use their accounts to send harrassing e-mail?

Update: I just checked -- I guess I made the mistake of responding to his e-mail, pointing out to him that it was flagged as junk, so I was sorry for the delay. But I then told him where he could stick his continued pathetic self. So now I've got MORE e-mail from him, as well as multiple PMs on the Vault. Joy.

LOL, and he's saying *I'm* the one with RL issues. ;-)

What's this all mean --- I got myself a stalker! (Um, a stalker who's admitted that he once picked up a transvestite off of a highway, rofl).

He was reported to Yahoo for sending repeated harrasing e-mails, and was pointed out to VN for the repeated PMs. So what's this guy do now?

Posts on my Clan boards. :-P

Yup, but he's COMPLETELY well-adjusted. *eyeroll*

I'm not sure what he's trying to prove, because honestly, if we ever met up, I'd gladly beat the living shit out of him. He's either pathetic enough to have no self-awareness, or is just a VERY old tard. At least he's old enough that this can't be a mid-life crisis -- based on actuarial tables, he doesn't have that much longer left to live anyway. :-D

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