Saturday, April 30, 2005


That was fun.

A while back, some alliancemates went off to go get their tusks, and I worked up the sheer "non-Tai-ness" to ask about coming along: I don't ask for help, but I knew that I couldn't do anything past the Rampagers when it came to tusks.

So, I tagged along, and did some tusks I'd never (ordinarily) get to do, namely Plated and Assailers. My head was spinning from (a) trying to keep up, and (b) trying not to end up as Monkey Chow.

I just did tusks, solo, from Guards on up through Assailers, and it was SUCH a rush. It's child's play to so many people, but to me, it was just FAN-TAS-TIC. It was exciting, challenging, and the result of good planning. It didn't hurt to have the other computer up, with ACMaps' guide displaying how to get where I need to get. It was great -- I was so close to the walls, I looked like those painted Egyptian drawings, with some differences:

1. I wasn't wearing black eye shadow.
2. I wasn't holding up a cat, and sacrificing it to the Sun God Ra.
3. The Egyptians typically painted themselves kicking ass (or sacrificing cats), whereas I mostly was trying to just squeeze past Assailers as I hugged the right wall of that whole effing dungeon.

>>>Edward G. Robinson tells you, "So Moses, where's your God nowwwww? Me-yeahhh, see?"

Afterwards, I was in such a charged up mood, it was kismet that Quest Timer woke up and told me that the "Library Book" quest had just timed up for me -- now THAT is a fun dungeon -- you basically run like hell through it, grabbing books off the floor.

And just like that, I'm halfway to 106.

Yeesh. This is all new territory. Cool territory, but new.

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