Monday, May 09, 2005

And here's the curse:

Well, actually, I'll save the curse for the end.

Attempt #3 (at least) for the Aerlinthe Lower Reservoir grate jump: Failure.

I posted the question as to the jump on VN and my alliance boards, and it seems there were two divergent opinions. One was for a "full forward" jump to the left corner, the other a shift jump. I opted for the shift jump to the corner.

Didn't even reach the grate. Fell straight down the shaft.

This is actually my fault, not the fault of any advisors either on VN or my clan boards. I should have realized that I'm gimped enough that a shift jump wouldn't be enough for me, and that I'd [u]have[/u] to do a full forward jump to even reach that corner. But I didn't think it through before I did the jump, so that's attempt number 4 at Aerlinthe down the tubes (only 3 jumps failed, as I recalled out of the Coral Tunnels the first time, not thinking as I was burdened for unrelated reasons).

Oh well. At least I'm not doing some boring powerleveling (which I can't do with the bellows, sluice bar, and dagger weighing me down, lol).

I'll give it yet another try tomorrow night. This is just plain ridiculous now.

Oh -- here's the curse (and it's a RL trait). I don't quit. As in ever. I am the fucking incarnation of the Energizer bunny. I go, and go and go, and don't quit. It's translated into mucho success in RL (probably too much of a type A anyway), and a heckuva reputation professionally, but it's not exactly that fun to live with this trait. You kind of detach from yourself, and know you're doing it, but can't stop. You step outside yourself, and almost join in with others saying, "Take it easy, ease up, let us/me help you." I don't quit not because I don't want to, but because I can't.

I guess it's like that scene in "Tin Cup," when Kevin Costner just keeps hitting ball after ball into the drink, and knows he can make it, so just keeps going anyway. Except instead of saying, "Gimmie another ball," I'm saying, "Gimmie another D note."

If you need me, I'll be on Aerlinthe. Not leaving that island until I can at least make the jump. Until then, gimmie another D note.


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