Monday, May 30, 2005

As Dereth turns . . .

So, lots of alliance related drama going on (not just mine, but other peoples' alliances). Three alliance recruiting threads, from what I can see:

1. Kaos first posted a recruiting thread. Actually quite nice to see so many people point out what a good group it is (even if it doesn't have the marquee power of Chunglee's clan, which still seems to be the gold standard of TD). There's some internal question now, because Gibbon posted that he wants to join Kaos' clan.

He's got an interesting road to go down if he wants to join since Kaos suspected Gibbon was behind a DNS attack on the clan site, since it happened the day Gibbon was sending e-mails to my home account, and posted on the clan boards (no one can prove anything, and as coincidental as it was, it's not even to the level of "beyond a reasonable doubt."

Some people saw his posts, and asked my opinion on his joining. I went out of my way in private tells and PMs to not be the deciding factor -- hell, I don't want to be ANY factor in this. I've made it clear -- my feelings on whether or not he should join are irrelevant. I really have to demur here -- I don't want to be a factor in deciding up or down on Gibbon. Honestly, I think he could be much more of an impact player than I can be. He plays far more, is higher level, and is otherwise much more available for quests and group hunts. The fact is, he has the potential to be a very positive impact on the group, unlike myself, who is awfully solitary in my time online.

Having said that, I will regrettably have to step away from that alliance, and will do so with (seriously) not an ounce of hard feelings or a bad heart. In fact, I'll remain an "alliance-friend," instead of an "alliance-mate." It's just a point of principle, but it's seriously not worth affecting someone else's gameplay (Gibbon's). Not putting him in because of my opinion makes ME the deciding factor, and the simple fact is, my departure from alliance status won't have any affect on the alliance itself.

That sounds pretty lame, but I know all too well that if I left the Kaos group, there would be no loss. I just don't have any impact on it, and on balance, Kaos' group would be better served WITH a power player, than a guy who falls off cliffs. A lot.

If I do leave, there's one thing for certain -- I'll never join any other alliance. 2 of them in 5 years is plenty.

Well, with THAT happy point taken care of, my take on the other 2 alliance recruiting threads that popped up subsequent to Kaos' thread:

2. Doomherald posted a thread subsequently to Kaos. Here's the thing: I've pretty much only read Doom on the boards, since the days he was with (or close to) Masonry. I know they jumped quests back in the day, and apparently took delight in messing with others' in-game experience, but my interactions with him as of late have been nothing but upfront and honorable. Maybe he's mellowed with age? (That, or with Willow out of the picture, he's back to normal, lol). He seems very willing to help out, quest, and otherwise just pitch in. It's weird, he's being a model player, and seems to still be getting beaten up over past actions and/or rep. I'm actually thinking he might be a good fit for, well, a misfit (not me -- see #1). =P

3. One of the al-Thors posted a thread, but that seems to be going nowhere fast. *shrug* I heard it's like one guy with 5 accounts or something.

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