Friday, May 27, 2005

I tried running El Tank . . .

. . . I hit "start," and it attempted to delete my character and reroll. :-(

Sigh. Tank won't even ACM or UCM me, since I suck so bad.

Why Tank?

In a fit of desperation I spec'd magic D early, untraining lockpick in the process. Over the past few weeks, I've been regularly going to the spec or unspec dungeons to get various gems "just in case," I wanted to tinker w/my template, in the futile hope that I could arrange my XP in such a way that I could have my 3D archer template in place. An additional benefit to that would be that (with enough XP), I'd have all of the relevant skills at the necessary minimums for waring my major suit.


Just kind of sitting in my Villa (chez de vitae)'s basement, I did the following:

1. Untrained 'pick. (Goodbye, chances at Aerlinthe!)
2. Spec'd magic D
3. Moved lore to trained, and got a boatload of XP back, which I shunted into Magic D and/or Self.
4. Untrained Run, and got a moderate amount of XP back (I so loved having an insane Run skill, and gawd knows it certainly looked good from a role player's standpoint!).

Bottom line? I'm still, oh 1 BILLION xp away from 280 Magic D. I think. I've got melee at 364, missle at 305, but magic D is killing me.

I did some calculations: 20 million per hour over 5 hours is 100 million. 10 spouts of 100 million is 1 Bazillion-izzle. Now then, since I've eared 20/hr about, oh SIX times in the course of my AC career (and even then, the longest I'd ever played in that position was like 2 hours, tops), we're looking at me hitting 280 magic D sometime around Gwydiana's 35th marriage (figuring that each one runs about, what, 4 months?).

Pwned. :-(

Edit: One last thing. I love --no, make that LOVE LOVE LOVE-- my "dapper suit," from the Noir Assassination quest. In fact, I go out of my way to wear it when I'm not fighting. Except now, with Lore reduced to a trained skill w/ZERO xp in it, my armor can't come off until I hit the magic D level.

Double pwned.

Mana charges, anyone?

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