Saturday, May 21, 2005

Maybe deleting isn't a bad move.

Why do I bother?

I worked for over a WEEK, staying up late, doing nothing but slagging through olthoi while burdened to get my missle D to 305 base (yes, that's accurate -- it's the 3D archer template) so I could weild the major bow greaves Doomherald gave me. The only problem was that they had a rank requirement.

They just blew up on the silk tinker, with the tinkerer claiming a 90% chance of it landing. The person who was tinking them did NOT wait for me to brill, however. He just saw me pull out the stone (which was out of mana). As I was charging it, he attempted the tinker, and blew up the one item I was building this template around, the one item that had actually given me optimism about maybe being able to experience some of the higher-end aspects of the game.

This was to be the cornerstone of me getting back into this game, and actually trying to make a template where you didn't have to buff, but just made do with level 6s (plus majors). Instead I'm left with a gaping hole. In fact, now I'm stuck with (1) missle D raised up high (which only allows me to wear one item I need -- is that truly worth spec'ing missle D?), (2) I had just swapped out lockpick for magic D, and (3) an absolute feeling of: Why bother?

It must make the loot/fate gods happy to know that while UCMers, griefers, and d00ds are soloing the planet, one casual player who was just trying to get by has had his teeth kicked in. When I hit 305 base missle (around 4pm), I was completely rejuvenated, and thought, "Hey, things are really looking up! Let me go dye and make these things useable."

Wow, that happiness lasted what, like 30 minutes?

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