Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Pathetic enforcement on VN -- where are the mods?

They go to all this trouble to hire mods who will be available at various times, and then NONE are around?

From the Vault TOS:

Flaming, Harassment, Bashing, Baiting, Threats and Trolling (back)

The following is not allowed on the VN Forums:

Calling people names, swearing at people, following people around on various threads to purposefully bother or harass them, sending them Private Messages when they tell you not to, threatening people or just directly provoking or baiting people just for the purpose of getting a negative reaction is not allowed on our forums. Any word used in a derogatory fashion against somebody constitutes a personal attack and will be treated that way. This applies to all posters and all areas of our forums. We expect posters here to respect each other, even if they disagree and dislike each other, so please keep personal disputes off our forums.

You bet your ass I have a problem with Gibbon, and I will beat his ass in RL if we ever meet up (and I'm thinking that's going to be a LOT easier than I'd first thought -- woot!).

What's worse is that I've been told in PMs from Vault Mods that he's do be coddled and that he just "takes" to people from time to time, and just fixates on them. It's apparently known to the mods that he does this, but it's still permitted(!).


Frankly, despite our board history, I wouldn't care -- if he pulled the stuff he's pulling now, I'd ban him. The VN mods can't be there all the time, but they need to show backbone when they ARE around. How many warnings does one require?

Pretty sad.

But meanwhile, I --DID-- specifically promise T4 that I wouldn't "agitate" him, since she noted that he's a problem child and gets these fixations.


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