Sunday, May 22, 2005

Um, ahem.

So, I posted on the VN boards to look for a replacement of a major bow covenant item. WIthin 2 posts, someone offered me some seriously underpowered covenant bracers w/major bow.

For 50 MMDs.


@e counts the MMDs to his name.
@e counts up to 63.
@e remembers he owes 3 for something he bought Kitra

Down to 10 MMDs to my name.

But, for the time being, I've got major bow in my arsenal again.

Update: Dionysis (sp.) on the boards, out of the blue, offered me ANOTHER major bow covenant item. OMG! Awesome! He even accepted the last of my MMDs for them (had to even sell pyreal peas to make up the necessary amount). These aren't useable - yet. But I'm a-workin' towards em.

Wow. I think it was Taka Toka who wrote, "We come for the game, we stay for the people." Good observation, on balance, at least.

Because, after the 2 posts, I never bumped that thread again. Diony just PM'd me out of the blue.

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