Friday, May 06, 2005

Well, THAT was special.

I've never done Aerlinthe. Haven't even managed to ever be online when an Aerlinthe quest is running.

So, what's the perfect move for me? Yup: Trying to solo Aerlinthe.

I printed the VN guide to Aerlinthe, and had AC Maps up on the Mac (yes, I'm ambi-computable), and worked my way through it.

Holy crap -- setting up for that damn quest is LONG!

I got the bellows, (eventually) the sluice bar, and even the sacrificial dagger. Off I go to the lower Aerlinthe res. portal! Woot!

At this point, I'm thinking, "You go Me!"*

But of course -- there's a jump.

From the Guide: "If you miss the grate, you'll have to go back to the (D note) Emissary and start again.

Was there ever any doubt? Missed the jump, now saddled with the bar, bellows, and dagger.

That's special. And a complete waste. I guess I will hang on to the dagger (haw) and just bide my time to try again. Like when I have another 3 hours to be online.


*I realize "You go Me," is akin to "Ah-Nold" type talk, but allow me that one bit of Street Talk.

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