Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Um, yuck. Can't post this on a VN thread that's already at 3 pages of mostly flames/pharming (thank you TOS, grr), but let's clear up a little bit. AynRand (who is a chiropractor, and an Ayn Rand devotee, so 2 strikes against her already) is pointing out billions of woes if you drink diet sodas containing aspartame.

Hmmmm . . .

http://www.quackwatch.org (do a search on "aspartame")

http://www.chirobase.org (points out the shortcomings of Chiropracty)

http://www.skepticreport.com/health/strokespinal.htm (even stronger article on these quacks)

I don't blame someone going if they are in pain, and want relief, but (other than attorneys and used car salesmen) I'm not sure of another profession with so much corruption, and so much utter hooey/drivel/poo driving it. And if someone's going to hold court on their views of health, let's consider the source.

Edit/Update: I just thought of something -- Gwyd posted an anecdote about a chiropractor, and I meant to point this out -- anecdotes mean JACK SQUAT in a logical argument:


Show me some proof (other than chiropractors studying themselves and (gasp!) coming up with their own findings that they are helpful), and then we can talk.

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