Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Damn . . .

. . . THAT was fun!

I spotted a post by Juzam saying he was running the "Tursh Totem Quest" (actually, I misread it as the "Tush" totem quest, and was immediately intrigued). I did a quick check @Maggie's to see what the heck it was ("Holy crap," I said, "It's an %age of XP quest!").

@e logs on and runs like hell for GW.

Juzam wasn't there, but I figured one of the people standing around was him (I'm always so impressed with folks who have like 5 126s, since I'm just well, ME, and I can't even see hitting 126 by the expansion).

Off we go, a fellowship of 7.

This was one of those quests that scare the poop outta me, because there are just TONS of debuffs

On the other hand, at one point, I was rebuffed by (two!) mages in the fellow, and I almost wanted to say, "It's cool, don't bother," because I wanted to show that even will full life/creature 6s I could survive.

The good:
There were more than a few times I beat the support mage to heals, and gave myself full heals after taking triple-digit damage (but I wasn't even debuffed!) from spells. There were also a few times where we "doubled up" (meaning I healed myself for say, 92 points, but SO did the mage(!?)). Weird. I got a LOT of kills on this trip, and I know that part of that reason was because the baddies were softened up, but that still felt good.

Oh, and I not only killed a lot of the "Big Bad Guy's"(tm) minions at the end, I killed the "Big Bad Guy"(tm) himself. Me. I even took a screenshot with my name as the kill. I wasn't even using FIRE. Just my tinked up Slash Rending bow.

You say to your fellowship, "Holy crap! I killed him!"

(At this point, there's a respawn, and I'm still too busy staring at the "killed by . . . " message. But everyone else is waiting for their Tursh Totem shard, but they can't open the body.

You say to no one in particular, except out loud to the computer, "Holy crap! I killed him!"
Computer says to you, "So open and loot, you idiot."
Oops. Which brings me to . . .

The bad:
I wasn't psyched that I had to be the one guy who had to have buffs put on him prior to the final push, as all I ended up thinking to myself was that I was having to be carried along. Like, well, a gimp. @e notices the name of this freaking blog and moves on to . . .

The ugly:
Oh, there just HAD to be a jump, didn't there? RIght at the beginning. And if you miss, there are TONS of these nasty ol' rats that do hella damage to you. So of course, when the quest leader (whom I later found out to be Juzam's alt char) told us to jump, I just --

1. Jumped full power.
2. Diagonally.

Note: The jump is onto a THIN BRIDGE. Strung between the MIDDLE parts of the ledge.

Did Tai "look before he leapt?" Um, that would be a "no." I went sailing WAY over the little thin bridge (again, diagonally, mind you), right into the pit. Someone must have told the rats that my armor was "cheesy," and they CLEARLY don't get metaphors. Because they came at me like I was freaking fermenting right in front of them.

So I ran like hell, wetting my armor and rubbing an Aphus Recall gem like it was one of Gwyd's kitties, the whole way up as I looked for some ramps (not knowing if I would even be BACK there, mind you, I just went left over and over again). I got to the top of the ledge again:

So of course, I shift/jumped from the middle, right?

@e looks at the name of this blog again. Is it ever that easy?

Seriously, it was like someone else was controlling me, because I just ran back to the top, and "CANNONBALL!" sailed over the bridge -- again. I actually thought I --WAS-- in the middle of the ledge, and well, for goodness sakes, WHY BOTHER LOOKING TO MAKE SURE?!

Lather, rinse, repeat.

The 3rd time was the charm (just like my 3 years in 3rd grade!).

So I must have learned my lesson, eh? Um, nope:

Late into the quest, there's another jump. A pit.

(Juzam's alt char) says to your fellowship, "Everyone jump in."

I'm the only one left at the top. I'm inching back and forth, left and right, with my back toward the pit, using a compass and protractor to get the jump just right. I'll show em.

You say to your fellowship, "So is this a stepping shift jump, or full power?
(Juzam's alt char) says to your fellowship, "It's a pit, just jump in."

Oops. Didn't notice that. Why? Someone again literally didn't look before he leapt.

@e listens to the grumbling of his fellow-mates as they fight for their lives in the pit, while Tai is still testing the wind with his wet finger at the top of the pit.

But even *I* can figure out a way to screw up just jumping into a pit. And I did.

@e bouncebouncebounce

>>>"You can't jump while in the air"<<< I so heart that message.

@e bouncebouncebounce
(Sounds of battle rage on below)
@e bouncebouncebounce
(Hack! Slash! Boom! Scream! Debuff! Spell! Kapow!)
@e bouncebouncebounce


Anyway. I eventually defied all odds, and actually fell in a downward motion (seriously, I could jump off the Tou-Tou lighthouse and hit a cloud ABOVE it).

That was late in the quest. Things were smooth(er) at that point, and I got a nice chunk o' XP for the quest.

And maybe next time, just maybe -- I'll look before I leap.

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