Thursday, June 30, 2005

Here is how it happened:

This is how it started:

I used to be in an alliance of RL friends. We were a pretty small group, underpowered but for a few people who really had lots of time to play and powerlevel.

We were all friends, in and out of game. In fact, the whole reason many of us even play AC is because the monarch all bought us the game for Christmas 1999.

Eventually, I was in a RL conflict w/someone close to me. Friends claimed to have wished us both the best. Some meant it. Some didn't. I reach a truce/understanding, even in some ways a reconciliation with the person with whom I was in conflict.

But, as it turns out, friends still don't wish you well.

This is how it happened.

You send tells to people you thought were friends when you see them online. RL friends. At first they respond, but tersely. Then they respond in one or two word answers.

Then you do an experiment. You decide to not send them a tell until they speak to you first.

They log on. They stay logged on. Of course they see you.
No messages.
You mule.
You log on.
You log off.
They log off. Nothing is said to you.

Then it keeps up. Days pass, then weeks. You're not spoken to.

Because you're no longer their friend, and they didn't even have the decency to tell you that.

This is how you have it rubbed in your face:

Members of my former alliance were meeting in RL not too far from me. Despite things that we said and did for each other years ago (I called one couple the closest thing I had to "family," at one point), I'm now an un-person to them.

Now it appears I'm like that person you just don't talk about, don't acknowledge, don't even LIKE. Without so much as a work why. I know what the LIKELY reason they don't like me anymore is, but that's a RL issue, and the RL parties involved are settled, if not more than civil. But they can't be.

Forget it -- if I'm an un-person to them, so be it. But I never would have done this to them, had the situation been reversed. I'm bigger than that. I'm better than that.

I might be a gimp in-game, but I know a thing or two about doing The Right Thing in life.

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