Thursday, June 16, 2005

Hey, can I see your armor for a second?

I've never been stolen from in-game (not counting having kills stolen -- there are people playing "King's Quest I" would could outkill me right now). But anyway, me = never stolen from.

This is because (1) I tend not to trust anyone, and (2) Don't let go of my really important stuff (bows, armor, etc).

So within the past few months, as I've done up my life/creature covenant suit (with majors, as well!) I've had more and more people look at me, and say, "What kind of armor is that?" or "Nice armor." A few, however, say, "Hey, can I see your armor?"

I normally shrug it off. Isn't this something of an old scam? It sure used to be. Person asks to "see" your armor and opens trade window. Person kind of times it, and closes trade window just as it's expected that you're putting item in window, causing you to "set down" the piece. Person picks it up. Person laughs.

So I'm in the Marketplace tonight, and "Shadow-Spear," (not in my alliance) asks to see my armor. He's so insistent that while I'm pricing armor from the al-Thor bot, he's just standing there WAITING to "see" it (I know this, because he told me he was waiting for me to be done with the bot). I am all set to grill him when I'm done with the bot, to ask why he can't just "see" it from where he's standing, when an alliancemate runs into us both, and says, "Hey Shadow." Shadow greets him back?


This got me thinking -- maybe it WAS an innocent request(!).

Wow. I decided not to bring it up and do anything w/the guy -- I just logged on as a mule to make my purchase (since the mule has all the cash, lol).

I guess it's interesting -- the guy could well have meant nothing by it, but isn't that funny -- he used a really vintage method that old thieves used to use, but didn't know he was doing that.

I r teh suspicious . . . but at least I've never been stolen from, lol. ;-)

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