Saturday, June 11, 2005

RL can be rough sometimes.

So, I don't go into too much detail re my job, as it's a sensitive position, but is in law enforcement. I got a call the other morning and the person on the other line said, "(redacted) is testifying before Congress today. Why don't you meet him at Dirksen (ooops, wrong building it turned out) and brief him quickly on (my area of expertise)? It's going to come up in his testimony and he wants to cut down on subsequent written submissions."

Um, ack.

So I scramble out the door of my office, grabbing about 10 binders filled with information I really didn't need in light of the questions later asked of me. After frantic cellphone calls, I found him and his surprisingly sparse entourage (although they asked more follow-ups than HE did(!)).

In fact, that's the kicker -- I really wasn't asked that much by this person. He just listened to me explain my end of the issue he was testifying about, then eventually said, "Ok, outstanding -- why don't you sit tight here and let's see if something else comes up. Is that ok?"

Fast forward DAYS later. I still haven't logged into AC, have been completely MIA for the most part, and otherwise have spent days (finally finishing up late Friday evening) putting together briefing materials for those pesky subsequent questions. Much of today has been spent doing stuff to clear my head -- I went for a nice run (was supposed to be much shorter, but I honestly think I was so spacey I didn't even do the math right), and then saw someone I hadn't seen for about a week.

Maybe I can finally log into AC tonight. Hope I remember how to play. :-/

Oh, wait -- I was never that good at it previously! :-P

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