Monday, June 27, 2005

Tai's good, bad, and ugly of the weekend

I originally wanted to do a few blogs on the weekend, but I've been awfully tired as of late (work is crazed, again), and what little time I have causes me to pretty much just keep trying to earn XP (still trying to get to base 280 Magic D).


The Good:
Kaos ran us through Bobo and G-Man. Hell didn't freeze over, but it sure as hell was a touch frosty -- I got the Bobo kill(!). I couldn't believe it. I'd been kicking myself for forgetting to use my CS bow (which has minor BT), but remembered this time. I casually asked Kaos to hit it with BD7 (I can no longer cast that while I'm working up XP for Magic D, long story). Bingo -- we landed in there, and I immediately just get plugging away at him -- and got 3 fingered paw! Woot!

Used all 3 on the healing kit idol. Result: 2.1 million XP into healing skill. :(


The Bad:
This is kinda bad, but not horrible. Basically, I went way outta my way to help this person find Aun Ralirea, because I had sent him to some coords earlier that night, only to have the landblock reset. Oops. So on my own, I decided to hit Marae Lassel and just frickin find him myself (my clan was out there on a QQ, so their eyes were open for me as well).

Note: I've found Aun Ralirea 4 times on my own. And EACH time, I've killed him, and taken the necklace/idol to "the guy," only to have my health drained 3 times because (this is true) I keep forgetting that I've already done the skill credit quest. Seriously, I don't know how I manage to find my pants every day.

Anyway. Kaos spotted Aun R., and I got the guy out to ML, where I had held the landblock long enough to help him get the skill credit. Woot. The reasons why the whole thing was "bad," should probably be left unsaid (I know this is essentially a diary to myself, but people do read this drivel, and I'd rather not have anything out there to cause more drama than normal).

The ugly:

After Bobo Sunday night, we did G-Man. I noted a couple of problems:

1. Kaos, our leader, was getting kicked offline every time he so much as sneezed.
2. I was the 2nd highest level in the fellow.
3. Which was only 5 people.

Uh oh.

So we did the quest, and Kaos stayed connected, which was good. I did the "CS" trick again (a la Bobo), but Kaos still got the kill (because this time he actually attacked -- if he hadn't, we'd STILL be there hitting Gaerlan, who would have leveled 50 times off of us all).

I hate being the weak link, but somehow, even in a gimpy G-Man fellow, I had to be healed by our "healer" like 20 times over the course of the fight. I wasn't even that fast with my own heals. WTF. :-(

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