Wednesday, June 01, 2005


I hit the 80+ hive last night, just to try and rev up some extra XP. I was there about 90 minutes. Fellow members came and went. There was 1 death the entire time. 3 guesses who it was.


I remember, as I was in a corner with every bug on the server attacking me, thinking, "Wow, I probably should fletch right soon. But in the meantime, I'm getting so low on health, so I'll just drink an elixir rather than heal."

Oops. Out of those. I wonder if I have any random health potions on me, picked up from the bugs?

Double oops. Out of those too.

Maybe I'll crack and Aphus reca

>>>Olthoi Swarm Mutilator runs you through!<<<


Kontrolled Kaos says to your fellowship, "nooooooooooo"
You say to your fellowship, "Ah, np, that's what I get for trying to fletch during a fight."

Well, I was KIND of fletching! I mean, I did at the lifestone.

And then I forgot to pick up more health potions from home before recalling back there. I r teh smart. :-(

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