Monday, June 06, 2005

Weird times in the 80+ hive as of late . . .

So two distinct incidents/weirdness in the 80+ hive as of late, and I'm not sure if it's commonplace, since I just don't go there that often.

The first involved someone named "Double Nickel," a mage. I can't say if the person's good or bad, because he simply didn't speak. As in, at all: I was in a fellow in the hive, and made it to the Matron. I saw him fighting her, and actually having a bit of a rough go at it. So I walk up behind him, and hit him with a blue healing kit for a triple digit heal.

Ok, so he says nothing. I've been there, I can understand furiously trying to click, press keys, and otherwise stay alive. But then everyone's dead. At this point, I repeat an invite to the fellow, and he's still playing Silent Bob.

*shrug* Recall to top, keep working in fellow.

I later found him in the hive, this time IN a fellow, but then the only time he spoke was when he had died, and another fellow member was pointing out/clearing his body (he said, "thanks," and never spoke again). Otherwise, he was silent. I'm really not chatty in a fellow either, but it just seemed weird. I thought of him tonight, because he passed me in the hive (judging by his direction) as he was headed for the Matron again (all of these times happened within the past 7 days, tops). He didn't even stop to see if there WAS a fellow (I'd have been happy to even be in a 2-person one, but no biggie).

*double shrug* Just struck me weird. I wouldn't have thought about it more, except for tonight:

This just happened. I had recalled to the top of the hive, and was not in a fellow (the one person I saw and asked if a fellow was open, said nothing, and just logged at the entrance). XP/hour = apx. 12mil/hr.

Then two people beam in, Zakfein Bonesplitter and Hope I Kancastit. The former was 126, the latter high 80s. I asked if there was a fellow, and after some fumbling by the level 80, she recruited me (no biggie, I can only imagine how hard it must be to be a mage in there). They seemed perfectly nice, although again quite silent.

So, I run off into the hive for good ol' bug-smashin.

After about 30 minutes, I look up on Infinity: XP/hour = apx 11 mil/hr.


Look, I'm the FIRST person to bash XP wh0r3s. But this just seemed weird. Is it ok to do a "report" at that point? I spent some time just debating whether to even DO it. I decided against it, and instead looked to the fellow panel. Hmm, the 126 is --kinda-- damaged (at least noticeable), but the 80something seemed full.

I thought about it some more and made a decision -- this is the first time I've done something like this, but I just left the fellow without a word (and promptly saw my XP/hr increase). I stayed down below for a bit, and had a good ol'time, but after ANOTHER person passed me (not a member of a fellow, and didn't ask if there was one), I decided to recall to the LS and hit the 60+ hive to burn out my last arrows.

It's --ENTIRELY-- possible that I'm just wrong on this, but I thought the hives were places for fellows and general XP smashing? I have NO problem if you don't WANT to be in a fellow (in fact, I believe you still have a right to be there, even if you're just trying out/testing the waters). But do you really want to bring people into your fellow? Isn't it easier to say, "We're staying here at the entrance, just doing a shakedown cruise kinda thing." I don't blame those two at all -- it just seemed a little strange.

I wish I knew what the ettiquite on this type of thing was. :-( But then again, if I did, I'd probably be a lot higher than 109 after 5+ years at this. :-(

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