Monday, July 11, 2005

An Ancient Armored . . . Tai?

A while back, I spent pretty much all I had left on a full Ancient Armored Suit for a friend. She's not in my alliance, but is a super casual player I know IRL (her alliance is the one that made me an un-person both IG and IRL).

She totally loves the suit. I got a look at it buffed (well, I looked over her shoulder at it).

Yowza. That's freakin' amazing. I mean, I can't self-buff, so I'd have to use a buffbot, and only be good for an hour at a clip, but with my melee/magic/missle, it would be hard even for ME to die.

I'm getting back into the game, but there are just no BM quests that I can really go on, and there's still the problem of Aerlinthe (now that I've gotten 'pick back).

Maybe if I work up the courage, I can talk one of those folks into letting me sit at the Caul drop and just leech off of them while they do one of their 70 bazillion XP/hour fellows. Maybe part of the problem is that I need 4 lousy points of Magic D before I can use my complete major suit, but I'm tired of getting XP in the withered places.

Sigh. Things just haven't gone well, and I'm getting that feeling of needing to run off and be alone for a while. There's no reason to, however. I mean, it's not like I wouldn't GET alliance support if I asked for it. I'm just not one to ask. I'm one to just suffer through and work on it myself.

But it does seem like all the uber folks just keep getting more uber, and I'm just spinning in place.

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