Tuesday, July 12, 2005

BS/2: Scroll of Dark Rain

So I was feeling sorry for myself after the debacle at the Withered Lugians, and went up on Tumerok Hill -- I was actually alone there! So I made my own fellowship -- "Tumerok Hill"

I hate just naming fellowships, "XP." =P

Anyway, the next thing I know, one guy shows up (and is astonished that it's just me and him -- I said something like, "Yeah, they've been coming and going all night.").


Anyway, we make a boatload of XP for about an hour (that's usually all I can stand) there, when I have to run offline. No biggie. But when I log in, I'm nonplussed. It's been a bad week. What better activity than going on a hopeless hunt for a Scroll of Dark Rain?!

Off to the Obsidian Plains I go.

I never have really hunted there previously, and I noticed something tonight - I can definitely KILL that stuff out there. I mean, it's not even that hard to do (!). I used to be so in awe of people who could hunt there (kinda the way I am now with Caul, lol).

Regardless, I've still got to (1) find a Dark Inferno, and then (2) hope he drops the scroll. I checked on Maggie's and saw that Danier of TD had given the coords he found a DI, and worked my way there. Every so often, as I killed things, I'd do a "crazy Ivan," and double back on myself to see what beamed in (not trusting it to BS/2).

Finally, I hit the coords. Nada. I killed a couple of the mobs standing there, when, all of a sudden.

A Dark Inferno. Right there. With 2 Umbris.

I quickly fletched some deadly fires, and then attacked him. With deadly frost arrows, because I'd forgotten to actually EQUIP said deadly fires.

Finally, I wacked him. The whole time, my patron is asking me if I want her to come out and help look. Well, of COURSE not -- do you think I want ANYone else going through this misery?

I actually wasn't looking at the screen when I looted (i.e., hit the "R" key). My attention was diverted. But BS/2 went nuts, beeping like crazy.

And there it was.

On the first Dark Inferno I'd ever seen, much less ever killed.

And now that I have it, I've suddenly reconsidered using it. I'm at 277 base magic D. But what of this "get 30 bazillion points with the tesserra/scroll trick thingie?" What the hell is THAT? And will it be as useful to a gimpy archer, who probably would just as well be happy with 280 base now, and never putting a point into magic D again?

Time will tell.

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