Saturday, July 16, 2005

I have to admit

I was getting killed at work this week, and (courtesy of a friendly e-mail) really liked coming back to the boards to see it exposed that Gibbon_Raver is an evader -- he's stalked tons of people on the boards in PMs (subject of an earlier blog). In fact, I'd complained about this point LONG ago (but since I'm doing this blog for me, and since no one reads it, this expose about him has gone unnoticed, lol).

Anyway, I was psyched that it came out, but I was VERY disheartened when I read Grim's take on it, which was "Well, you don't know if he was permabanned."

Um . . . read the TOS.

1. It doesn't matter if he was or was NOT. He's a banned user who has made an alternate VN name.
2. Isn't it GRIM'S job to check on that? Or is this just willfull blindness?

From the TOS:

Update: Ban Evasion
If you log onto the VN Boards and receive a message that you have been banned, please submit an Unban Request and wait for a Vault Network Message Board moderator to get in touch with you. If you "evade" the ban, by making an alternate user name and then logging into the forum to continue to post, your ban time could be extended and the new account may be banned as well. If you are using a Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo or other "free" e-mail account, you may not receive a response to your Unban Request due to the way these services filter junk mail. We suggest you either do not use these services in our Unban Request form (preferable), or turn off all filtering on your account until you receive a response from us. If you have been banned for more than 72 hours and are not getting a response back from us, you may email us at


Nope. Boy, what was hard, wasn't it?

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