Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I'm TOD'd!


Went to (the correct) Best Buy and got my TOD box! I even got them to give me $10 off the purchase of it (you'd figure this wasn't a problem, what with me still having my TOD pre-order box AND receipt!), but that wasn't a foregone conclusion. There was an issue as to whether they'd do it, but I was firm, and here I be -- in TOD!

So I promptly went to the Withereds. :-/

No, I'm not nuts. I used up my last set of deadly lightning arrowheads, from a start of 100 (when I thought they'd NEVER run out). I think I should be done with them, at least for a while. Time to explore.

Basically, I've seen nothing different, other than making a Blue Guy just to see Sanamar. I was just way too proud of myself for finally getting and installing TOD.

I r teh fanboi. :-)

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