Monday, July 11, 2005

Man, the Vile Sanctuary turned bad

I've been there a few times, and had a great time every instance. It's been great (but a touch boring). Anyway, I'm close to going over the top to 116, and wanted to try and get a little extra points. So I went there.

No one was at the top, but there was another person named, "Xbow Saebax." She seemed nice enough, so we both ran for the pit, where Poolrad was in there alone. And when he killed what was there, he went to peace mode. I *think* he looted, but wasn't sure. But he didn't respond to either Xbow or my own chat requests.

Xbow Saebax says, "any fellowing??"
You say, "Greetings-- any room tonight Pool? Sae was ahead of me, but wondering"
(I'm nothing if not overly careful)
Still no response.

Xbow Saebax tells you, "bot????"
You tell Xbow Saebax, "Perhaps -- risky!"
Xbow Saebax tells you, "i go hunt outside"

So I wait, since there's another spawn, which Poolrad clears.

You say, "Greetings-- any room tonight Pool?

Meanwhile, a person working the top, who neither of us saw initially, named Redbow, tells me that Dog Tired is leading the fellow, and that I should contact him to get "on list."

You tell Dog Tired, "Greetings-- can you add me to Vile list?"

Twice I sent him this.

No response.

Sigh. Tards. Every one of em. :-(

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