Monday, July 18, 2005

Real-time impressions of TOD

Ok, loaded the graphics update this morning, and patched. Saw all worlds were down and went to work, fighting for truth, justice, yada yada yada.

Back home at 10:45pm-ish. Time to fire up TOD:

Hmm. Character screen actually sux. Way too large. And where's my 7th character slot . . . doh, that's for when I can actually BUY TOD, not just the pre-order.

I'll log in as Tai, might as well go for the gusto right off. Wow. Nice text. My covenant suit PWNES! Woot. Um, I had 3 golden gromnies in my villa's courtyard. Now they're Azure. Ack. Oh, wait, pick up and put down again, Cyrano said that. Let's try it . . . worked! My 3 "dogs" are hopping in gold once again!

@e looks around his villa . . . damn . . . NICE! Looks like my Capitol Hill rowhouse, lol (or not). Even my vases of snowflowers looks nice. . . . Gawd. Such a fanboi. Lokkie would beat my ass (I gotta remember not to like it so much!).

Interesting . . . the white dots are off of the map of Dereth. Yay. . . . Time to run outside of the house and clean up the neighborhood. . . . Wow . . . I dig seeing the mobs on the ID screen. Coolness!

Missing BS/2 already. Of course, I was like the LAST person to start using decal, so I should be able to get by. . . . Lokkie was right -- tons o' Tusker Spit. 4 out of like the past 8 monkeys I've killed. . . . OMG! I forgot! I want to go collect tons of spec/unspec gems, lol.

You say, "Shurov Thiguz"

Nothing happens. Uh oh.

You say, "Shurov Thiguz"

NOW I portal . . . that could be annoying.

OMG! Awesome looking LS, lol (like I won't be seeing a lot of THOSE!).

Holy crap . . . haven't seen this many people in the unspec temple since, well . . . never. Feared it would be a total shoving match to get gems, but it's not. Everyone's very polite tonight! Uh oh -- just noticed. The gems disappear in the September event. Ouchie. Grrrr. Including the ones I'd already had on me . . . MAJOR grrrr.

Um, is it me, or do the mobs seem to be running faster now? Uh oh. :-(

Looks like I've got my work cut out for me. But I can't help it . . . I'm super excited over this.

Sigh. Fanboi city. :-(

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