Wednesday, July 06, 2005

*slams head into desk*


Looted an AMAZING +10% slash rending wand the other night. High melee, work 6, nice mana C bonus. Just awesome. Ran and bought some Imperial Topaz, and off to Thurwyn I ran.

It landed. :-O

I tipped him 2 MM notes (from some quest, I forget which), and was just giddy. There was a PYI auction of one of these (WORSE than mine) going for like 25 MMDs! This one had the imbue LANDING!

I'm sooooo broke! But now I can afford a few more things I need! Woot!!

But -- I had to brag about it. In @a chat.

A co-vassal pointed out that it was better than the +9% one he uses. He's tried to look out for me in the past (although I couldn't use his stuff). So, instantly, I met him at the mansion, and just gave it to him.

I've been sick about it ever since. I could have sold it, hell, even given it to someone I know who is even more casual than I am about the game just to help her along with her frustrations. But I had to brag about it.

I'm an idiot. I'm sure this is karma, and I'll be paid back (maybe I already have), but I'm just sick over this.

Then again, since my RL friends have really shut me out as of late, I've been sick a lot in the past few days. Doing wonders for my fighting weight, at least.

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