Wednesday, July 27, 2005

There's something to alliances

I just did the Library Book quest tonight, because it was last run on July 4 (not bad without Decal's Quest Timer!). I was just examing the pants which give you +11% to Run skill, when I accidently clicked on them.

In the old days, you'd get a message --> "You must remove your (whatever) to weild that."

Not now.

Except what came off were my triple life protect pants, with the low low lore of 318.

Tai's current lore until level 125, including 7s and a focusing stone = 280. Uh oh.

So I just kind of ask in @a, "Um, is there such a thing as a rare gem re Arcane Lore?" And from out of the blue, Toujours Pret mentions that he not only (1) has one, but (2) he wants to just give it to me. He wouldn't accept a pyreal for it.

Um. Wow. Wowie wow wow.

And just like that, I'm back in business. I went from thinking the night was blown to, WOO HOO!

This whole "being in an alliance" thing actually can work pretty darn well sometimes, can't it? Not as much fun being the "lone wolf," after all, is it?!

OMG. So tired. Must. Sleep.

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