Saturday, August 13, 2005


Went on my first "tessera hunt" with the alliance tonight (still haven't done a QQ in my entire AC life, but I'll take things slow. I found two tessies (although both are non-specable skills, so I suspect they're worthless): Armor and item tinkering.

But . . . my monarch just GAVE me a magic D tessie! Woot! I am planning on using 5 magic D tessies soon (post September patch, though) with my scroll of Dark Rain. That's the only way I can really get a handle on this "tessera trick" that's done for free XP. It just means I'll leave my magic D 8 points off of max, for life (I think?).

Oh, and landed an imbue on another +12 bow. That makes 4 bows out of 7 so far that I have imbues on, and all are +12. Whenever I can finally get to 360 bow, I'll have quite an array!

And will be in the mood to overpay for Hog. =P

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