Friday, September 16, 2005

And the XP whoring begins . . .

. . . driving me out of a fellow, half of which were members of my alliance.

What the hell?! But let me begin, as they say, at the beginning.

So Kit & I are trying to figure out what to do tonight, and I hit on the idea of us going to the Abayar's lab, just outside Eastwatch. You fight Fiun there, and it seemed like a nice idea, with decent XP. Plus, Kit had never fought them 'en masse' (that's Latin for "a fuckload"). Oh, and she wanted to get those Fiun spellcasting gloves for the heck of it. Finally, that dungeon is a dream for us, because with spec'd magic D, we would resist tons of spells (I've been there previously).

As we're talking about this, an alliancemate named "Troh" is talking in @a about how he's doing in there. He says he's in there with one other person named "Foreena." They're clearing 80-90 million per hour. Hrm. Nice. And that he can see there being room for more. So I tell him that me "and a mage" were on our way.

At this point, another alliancemate (let's call him "Bob") who could not be nicer also wants to explore the dungeon. Troh by this point has already recruited him, although we got to the dungeon ahead of Troh and Bob (Troh had left the dungeon to restock, leaving Foreena there alone).

So, at this point the fellow is: Troh, Foreena, & Bob. Me & Kit are standing there at the entrance with the cool kids. We have to actually ASK to be in the fellow. Troh mentions, "Hmm, not that great xp with this many people, and there's already one in the dungeon ahead of us, but, gee, ok." We are now in the fellow.

Just a point here: That's once.

Also, I'm pissed. So I immediately offer to leave the fellow and find another place. Kit will come with me. But Bob mentions that it's the fellowship (I think he said friendship) that's better than the XP. Not exactly a resounding endorsement of Bob's point from anyone else, mind you.

So off we go to the "study" portion of the Lab (where the higher XP is, and where Troh was). We charge into the room.

Foreena says, "..."

Yup, he's pissed. He points out that, "Wow, um, so like, you brought more people back."
Troh recruits him.
Foreena says to your fellowship, "Um, you can still make good xp in the first dungeon, too many people here."

That's twice.

I said something like, "Look, Kit & I will try another room. If the XP is not what you want, we'll leave."
Foreena has left your fellowship.
So, I repeat it in chat mode, just to make sure he hears it. Not that it does any good, he runs off.

Troh then says, "Yeah, it's kinda not as good xp like this, he didn't know I was bringing more people back."
(Good, let's make excuses for the xp whore)

Anyway, that's three times.

Three times, the level of XP has been brought up, and without a subtle method of pointing out that the "extra" people (to wit, me and Kit) will be dragging it down. And that's it for me. Three times, and I'm out.

You tell Foreena, We're leaving the fellow if you want to rejoin it, enjoy.
(like 10 seconds later)
You say to your fellowship, "We can take a hint guys, thanks. See ya." (or something like that)
(this is in open chat here, he came running up) Foreeza says, "Hey Troh, heard you lost two people from the fellow."
Foreena is now a member of your fellowship.
(Honestly, at this point, I'm actually embarrased to still be IN the fellowship when he is re-recruited by Troh)
You have left the (whatever) fellowship.
Kitra quits too. We head to the top of the dungeon.

And off the rest of the fellow goes, happily getting nice n' optimized XP now that those darn interlopers (um, us) are gone.

Troh just happily goes on and sucks at the XP teat. Conversely, Bob then sent me a tell and offered to leave the fellowship to follow us, and do whatever, but I wanted none of it. Frankly, I wanted none of a LOT of things at that point. Bob was concerned Kit would get the wrong idea about people. Gee, I wonder how? But, she just let it go, and we went off to do our own thing.

Heh, but one thing she mentioned to me: While we were in that room, even for only the 3 minutes we were there, she looted a single slot Major Willpower item, lore only.

Karma's a bitch.

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