Friday, September 09, 2005

Been a while.

Work has been ka-ray-zee.

Let's see:

--Hit 131 . . . eaters are my total bitches. I go through those pigs like I go through, well . . . bacon.

--Hit 360 bow, and am absolutely having a struggle, ethically, over what to do with the complete set of 335 bows I had tinked up with imbues and hog. It took a lot to complete that set, but I know that I'd never get a full return on my investment (I wouldn't deserve it -- I got my money's worth on their use). But -- I need SOME money for hog on the 360s! So what to do.

What's the ettiquite here? Just give it away to alliancemates? Charge them for it? At a discount? Just put it up for sale on VN? No one responded to a PC/IC, I just got lots of courtesy bumps. Plus, Lorna & Lev donated fire and bludgeon bows to me, so I totally should pay them back in some way -- maybe even return the bows, enhanced with the hog.

--Spent about 2.5 hours in the Tusker holding, over a period of two days, just for salvage. The holding is, not suprisingly based on the number of UCMs that used to be there, GREAT for salvage. I got lots of types I needed, although very few full bags of anything, because I refuse to spend XP on salvaging. I'd rather hunt longer, or at least be more effective when I DO hunt, than worry or hem over getting "full" salvage return.

--I'm going to try and take Kit on one of Juzam's harbinger runs next week -- I'm not sure who will be more stressed: her, because she typically gets stressed on quests, or me, worried that she WILL get stressed. Then again, as I think more about that, I'm not sure that's fair -- she's getting knocked offline a lot, and we're not sure why (it's usually an AC Client crash). That's stressful, to play knowing at any second you could be knocked to your desktop.

--So, a couple of weeks ago, I found a major war magic sceptre. I auctioned it, and it was won for 35 MMDs. Remember -- I'm flat broke, and need hog. The winner of the auction was a former alliancemate of mine (one who doesn't hate me) named "Ozgood the Ass." He's under Juzam now in his main, "Steve Vai." This cat is a nice guy. He's a bit out there compared to my vanilla, button-down nature (of course, compared to me, that would put someone like Lokkie on Pluto!). But putting that aside, I knew something -- this guy is just plain nice, and also just had a new baby. So after (1) he won the auction, and (2), we found ourselves in a fellow in the eater place, I inscribed the wand with a congratulatory message over the baby, and just handed it to him.

I keep "accept gifts" turned off.

So he tried to pay me, and couldn't. I didn't want his money. It was a gift, after all.

Like I'm allowed to ever complain about being broke again. =(

No wonder.

Anyway, see you on Dereth. =)

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