Thursday, September 22, 2005

The "breakup" move

Heh, I just got a PM from someone who got me thinking about this thing @ work, and how in a sense it relates to this AC thing I'm feeling about being in any alliance. IRL, I have this girl who's totally stalking me: She comes by a LOT, talks incessantly, has proferred ME her home phone number -- but all in the guise of "being friendly."

I know there's more to it, because she's told other people she's interested. They've promptly come and told me to watch out, but sworn me to secrecy about how I would know. So, in a sense, I've got to play dumb with her (that's not a stretch for me) as she flirts, acts overly friendly, and knocks over some stuff on my desk with her boobs (that's true).

Anyway, the PM got me thinking about how my alliance has a good reputation, and has good, friendly people in it. They're actually a classy, family-oriented clan. So what's the move that a wretch like me does? You end up acting so anti-social that you drive THEM away, and make it out like THEY'VE broken up with YOU. Haw. Oh, how RL imitates AC (um, or vice-versa).

Consider last night: I'm dying to Augment, but I am a touch impatient when it comes to Capt. Justice's quest TONIGHT at 9pm. Juzam's running Harbinger, and I kinda need Harbinger more. Someone from my alliance offered to run the Augment LAST night at 9pm -- woot! Score! Sweet! I can run Augment Wednesday night, and then do Harbinger Thursday night, all at 9pm! Woo-hoo!

And then the Augment guy never logged on. =/

Between that and the chat debacle, I logged in a touch of a huff. But what's the big deal? I mean, Juzam will run Harbinger at 9pm, and then CJ will run Augment at midnight tonight. Why's everything got me so agitated.

Sigh. I guess I have guy PMS right now. =(

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